2013-04-20 - The last meeting of the partners in Italy
On the 15-19th of April, 2013 social worker Simona Adanaviciute and translator Laura Pociute from VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI participated at the last meeting of the partners of Lifelong Learning partnership project “European NGO for Mental Health” in Rimini, Italy.
During the meeting the partners visited a small psychiatric clinic in Rimini. The coordinator of the project also showed the guests how the policy of inclusion of people with mental health problems into labour market is implemented in Italy. We visited a social enterprise of tailoring where women with mental disorders are taught to sew using second-hand material and to sell their work. 
At the end of the project there was organized a conference “Access to Labour Market for People with Psychiatric Disabilities and Special Needs” led by the Italian partners. At the conference the Austrian partners introduced their innovative model of mental health care applied in Austria while VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI presented their leaflets created for the guests of the conference interested in the continuity of the project. 

2012-12-12 - The partners of the project got acquainted with the system of Austrian mental health institutions
On the 10-11th December the fourth meeting of the project “European NGO’s for Mental Health in non-Ue countries” partners was held in Linz, Austria, where VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI was represented by director Lina Arkusauskaite with two volunteers. 
During the meeting, the progress of the project and the means of dissemination (the creation of a leaflet) have been discussed. The leaflet is to represent the project itself, the organizations implementing the project and to provide the contacts of mental health institutions participating in the project. 
The participants visited the home for short-term stay in Linz where lonely people with mental disorders having no place of residence are provided with accommodation for at least six months. They also visited day social care centre in Bad Ischl “Tandem” where people suffering from dementia are provided with health care, psychological, psychosocial and occupational services.
In April during the final meeting of the project in Rimini, Italy an international conference is going to take place.

2012-10-22 - Foreign partners visited institutions of mental health in Siauliai
During the fourth meeting of Leonardo da Vinci partnership project "European NGO for mental health policies in non – Ue countries" held Siauliai on 18/19 of October the progress of the project was discussed.
Lithuanian and Austrian partners delivered their presentations. A volunteer Benas Gudinavicius delivered his presentation called "How to include volunteers in the work / How to promote the support and help among people with mental disorders" on behalf of NGO EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI. A student of social pedagogy Reda Rackauskaite shared her experience about her volunteery work in a summer camp organized by Siauliai Psychiatric Hospital for its patients from day centre.
On the second day of the meeting the partners visited Siauliai Psychiatric Hospital, where they were introduced the system of the hospital and some statistics.Also, they discussed the possibilities of further collaboration with the director of the institution. Afterwards they went to Home Care Centre in Rekyva where they continued their acquaintance with the policies of mental health in Šiauliai.

2012-06-14 - The third partners meeting in Lithuania
On 10th-13th of June Leonardo da Vinci partnerships project "European NGO for mental health policies in non-UE countries" partners meeting was held in Šiauliai (Lithuania). 
There met partners from Italy, Austria and four Lithuanian representatives of VsI EDUKACINIAI PROJEKTAI: social worker Simona Adanaviciute, social programme coordinator Edita Steponaviciute, volunteer Valentina Topicha and IT specialist Darius Lašinis.
During the meeting partners discussed what should be done in future, worked at the website of the project and at the structure of matiarial in virtual learning environment "Moodle". 
The Lithuanian partners presented the report "Mental Health System in Lithuania", Italian partners - "mhGap Programme: rational and process". 
To form a view, how works Lithuanian Mental Health System, partners went to Radviliskis technology and business training centre, Social Services centre of Šiauliai City Municipality and to Siauliai Country Psychiatric Hospital. 

2012 03 09 – The second partners meeting in Austria
On 5th-8th of March Leonardo da Vinci partnerships project „European NGO for mental health policies in non-Ue countries“ partners meeting was held in Linz (Austria). 
The meeting was organized by the Austrian partner organization „pro mente oö“. During the meeting partners discussed what each has done, also the project website http://www.ngos4mentalhealth.eu/ and the opportunities for virtual learning environment „Moodle“ creation and presentation was discussed. 
The Austrian partners presented the report „Access to labour market of people with social psychiatric disabilities and special needs in Austria”. Also the Mental Health System in Austria and Italy were presented and discussed by participants. 
Partners visited several institutions where people with mental disorders can find occupational options, receiving constant support by social workers and supervision by professionals of the fields. Partners visited the Kontrast Restaurant, Office and Laundry, also Buchplus bookstore, led by pro mente Upper Austria. The shop has an extensive selection of books covering subjects like health, psychology, recreational activities, and welfare. Besides a graphics studio which offers conventional print media and numerous bonus-services, there is a bookbindery that repairs books. These institutions was initiated for the integration of mentally handicapped people into working life. 
Seminar and cultural Centre in Wesenufer led by pro mente offers work and occupation options for psychosocially impaired people. Wesenufer’s work and occupation options enable people with psychosocial problems to take active part in social and working life. Working areas include: the kitchen, the restaurant, the reception and back office, building services, housekeeping and cleaning as well as the in-house minimarket. 

2011 12 09 – The first partner meeting in Italy

The first partner meeting was held with the aim to implement Leonardo da Vinci partnerships project „European NGO for mental health policies in non-Ue countries“ on 4th-8th of December in Rimini (Italy).
During the meeting partners presented their organizations and divided up activities that are responsible for. Partners visited several Independent Living House for persons with psychological or psychiatric disorders and social enterprise where work persons with psychological or psychiatric disorders. 

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